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Unique in Belgium

Play the same games with 2 groups!

Een nieuw en innovatief concept bij Exit Games. Met 2 verschillende groepen kan je dezelfde games tegen elkaar spelen. De ruimtes zijn identiek naast elkaar gebouwd.

This creates increased competitiveness among players. And makes for many fun moments after the game, because where else can you talk about the same game with the same puzzles and challenges after 2 escape games. 

Which games allow this?

See below which groups most often take up this challenge with us.

Alcatraz I & II 
Location: Gent

Time Machine Race I & II 
Location: Gent

SOS Pacific I & II 
Locatie: Brugge

Counter Terrorism Unit I & II 
Locatie: Brugge

Cold War I & II Locatie: Antwerpen

Who is this unique experience for?

See below which groups most often take up this challenge with us.


Ideal to thoroughly test the competitive nature of your fellow colleagues.


Doesn't it give a blissful feeling when only one of the 2 groups can be the winner? And who else but your group of course?


Have an unforgettable time in large group that can be talked about for a long time. And how had you solved this puzzle?


And why not when cousins play against each other? But with whom does the bompa join in? Or 2 families against each other? Amsument assured!

Ready to escape? 

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